About the AWFC


The Alliance for Women Film Composers (AWFC) was founded in 2014 by Laura Karpman, Miriam Cutler, Lolita Ritmanis and Chandler Poling out of a need and desire to raise visibility and create opportunity for female composers. Although women composers have always been writing and creating music, they have historically been overlooked and kept invisible.

The AWFC set out to change the landscape of equity in music for visual media. By creating a directory, events, performances, gatherings, advocacy and partnerships, the AWFC has begun to shift the tide of equity in Hollywood and beyond. What began as a series of conversations, has turned into a powerful engaged community of plural voices committed to inclusion.

The AWFC was spearheaded by Laura Karpman as president from 2014 - 2016, followed by Lolita Ritmanis from 2016 - 2018, and Starr Parodi from 2018 - 2020. For the current board and leadership please click here.


Since its inception, the membership of the AWFC has grown to over 550 active members spanning the globe. With this expansion, the AWFC Directory has become a critical comprehensive searchable resource for access and visibility of emerging and established writers, that is actively used by decision makers and creatives. You can join the directory by clicking here.


In 2016, the AWFC presented The Women Who Score, a multimedia performance showcasing the work of 20 women composers performed by a large orchestra and choir as part of the acclaimed Los Angeles concert series, Grand Performances. The concert drew an audience of thousands, including influential executives, agents and tastemakers, sending a powerful message about the range and talent of women composers.

Over the past years, the AWFC has collaborated and co-presented concerts, panels and educational workshops around the world at music and film festivals. While in the beginning the goal was to have women composer panels & concerts, the shift is now to have inclusive events that showcase all genders equally.

The AWFC started a composer & filmmaker brunch during Sundance Film Festival in 2015, celebrating the women composers of Sundance & Slamdance. The brunch event is now a staple during the Film Festival in Park City and in 2017 the AWFC also started a composer brunch during Tribeca Film Festival.

In 2020, a new branch of the AWFC launched in the United Kingdom, creating a dynamic presence for dialogue, community and advocacy in Europe.


Within its membership and with allies throughout the field, the AWFC has fostered a culture of respect, collaboration and friendship. Through community engagement, educational workshops, weekly online hangouts, workshops & masterclasses, networking events, advocacy and organizing, the AWFC continues to amplify the work and achievements of women composers while empowering the entire visual media community to work together towards inclusion and collaboration.

Mentorship & Advocacy

In 2019, the AWFC Mentorship Program launched, providing a valuable opportunity for emerging writers to meet privately with established composers for consultation, insight and guidance. This highly competitive program, with hundreds of qualified applicants, continues to grow and champion talent.

The AWFC is proud to collaborate with other prominent music creator organizations in shaping issues that affect all composers and music creators, locally, nationally and internationally.


The AWFC will continue to advocate for and amplify the incredibly beautiful and powerful work of women & women identifying composers around the world.