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Buzzfeed: “Female Composers Want Their Male Peers to Step Up” April 14, 2017

Bustle: “This Little-Know Statistic Hurts Women in Film but These Women Are Determined to Fix It” March 30, 2017

VICE: “Meet the Female Composers Fighting for Equality in Hollywood” February 27, 2017

Variety411: “Sundance 2017: Celebration and Dedication to Female Composer on hand at AWFC Brunch” January 28, 3017

Emmy Magazine: “Evening the Score” August 02, 2016

Alliance for Women Film Journalists: “Kathryn Bostic and Miriam Cutler Talk About the Alliance of Women Film Composers — Liz Whittemore Interviews” July 29, 2016

Billboard: “The Women Who Score Concert, Featuring Award-Winning Female Composers Set for August 19th” June 14, 2016

Music Connection Magazine: “Alliance for Women Film Composers Launches Online Directory” September 23, 2015

IndieWire: “Find a Female Composer in Newly Launched Online Directory” September 18, 2015

The Hollywood Reporter: “Alliance for Women Film Composers Launches Online Directory of Female Composers” September 17, 2015

Variety: “Alliance for Women Film Composers Head Leads By Example.” August 25, 2015

Variety: “Women Composers Strike a Chord in Sundance Line Up.” January 21, 2015

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