Through advocacy, support and education, the Alliance for Women Film Composers aims to increase the visibility of women composers active in media scoring. The AWFC advocates for the inclusion of women composers within industry events; supports filmmakers, game developers and studios in their inclusion of women composers; and educates, mentors and inspires emerging women composers. Today, our efforts are inclusive of many gender categories that include women and femme identities. We advocate for women composers, transwomen composers, femme-identifying composers, and composers who are gender non-binary and gender queer in our efforts and advocacy. Our organization was founded by and for women composers.

The AWFC realizes these goals through initiatives that include:

  1. A directory of women composers inclusive of emerging and established writers. This directory serves as both a resource for those searching for composers, and a growing documentation of the identities and formal enumeration of women active in scoring media.
  2. Meetings and gatherings that address issues of career development, networking, representation, and opportunities. In small and large groups, these collective assemblies support open discourse, community building, and the chance to engage as a group in an insightful, productive dialogue.
  3. Publicizing and celebrating the work and achievements of a myriad of women composers. The AWFC operates from the perspective that the public’s familiarity and consciousness of women composers, who are numerous and varied, benefits every individual composer.
  4. Visible attendance/participation at industry events.
  5. Advocacy for inclusion in performances, broadcasts, festivals, grants and awards.
  6. Lobbying for the inclusion of women composers in studies and research about women in media.

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