A Q&A with Composer Ruth Machnai

  1. Your work is quite unique, you are an improviser cellist who composes music on the spot, your performances are healing with 432hz also known as “The harmonic intonation of nature”/ “The Earth Vibration”. Tell us about the vibrational experiences that you create with your performances.

    When I sit with my audience, as I’m about to perform I connect with their hearts and share about the intentions of the experience we’re about to have. I always invite my audience to tap into a state of awareness, welcoming the willingness to explore what it’s like to pay attention to what happens to our body &  consciousness when we listen to music tuned to 432hz.

    I explain to everybody that this tuning frequency is known to activate the right brain which happens as a result of all of us vibrating in alignment with the Earth. This creates a synergy and a synchronicity between us (being that we are all part of the Earth). It also creates a synchronicity between the two hemispheres of each of our brains creating a perfect balance between the right & the left. The right brain (imagination/connection to the Cosmos/ creativity & imagination) is where we get an actual boost. Quantum scientists/ researchers argue that we are living in a “left brain dominant planet”. It has been shared in many different articles and studies which is ultimately what inspired the birth of “Intimate Cello”.

    This vibrational experience is all about awareness since we’re tapping into it in the moment itself. While I perform I tap into a space of devotional presence. Listening to that intention can feel hypnotizing to some. After the performance I invite my audience to share their experiences and talk about what they felt as a result of witnessing that intention. The results are touching. You can find some footage of that on my YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/@RutiCelli

  2. How did you first discover your talent for merging music with consciousness and aligning sounds with the earth’s frequencies?

    Well, I’ve been an enthusiastic investigator of consciousness since my mid 20’s. I’ve studied Osho’s teachings as well as Tibetan Buddhist teachings about observing the mind. It made a lot of sense to me that I should connect these studies with my classically trained musical skills. When I tapped into the earth vibration it was during the lockdown in 2020. My soul was asking for some guidance and some answers about my life and at that point I was guided to read about the earth vibration. That was when everything came together.

  3. Your performances are incredible, there’s a video of you sitting inside a tree and performing on your cello. Your work is based on channeling one’s inner guidance and intuition. How can we as composers follow your lead and channel our own inner voice? Give us some tips!

    Channeling is basically your ability to connect with your higher self, therefore, if or when you connect to your intention of hearing your own inner voice and guidance you will experience a new type of flow. To experience expansion in your intuition, I highly recommend listening to your own instrument in 432hz and developing a hypersensitivity through the awareness of your body which also includes emotional intelligence. You have to be excited to experiment in order to learn in life. This experience develops a deeper sensitivity of listening to oneself. These are all intentional tools and available to all.

  4. Your latest album “Deja Vu” was released recently, and you composed music for it on the spot. Tell us more about the recording process of this album and your collaboration with Paul Lamb on this album.

    As we create the atmosphere for recording in the studio, we just hit record and I am given total freedom to create whatever I want.  When I go within as I am about to record I listen to whatever is coming through me to play (usually the beginning phrase) and then I’ll just play with that. Once I start the process of channeling the whole thing happens by itself. It just comes together. It’s a “moment to moment creation”. Paul Lamb is a musician I met here in Sonoma county, CA. He was able to tap in with me into the moment to moment creation and created layers on top of what I was creating.

    We both tune to 432Hz and you can also hear Paul performing on the fifth piece on Intimate Cello’s debut album “The Dawn” where the other four pieces are cello solos.

    Check out the AWFC Directory Page for Ruth Machnai

    Interview by Rivita Goyle

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